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The beautiful interior of Spain

Spain has some of the most stunning scenery you will ever find. As you travel inland you will find that you enter mountainous regions, where over the centuries areas have been carved out, producing natural beauty.

In between the mountains you will find lakes that are natural and man-made, the mountains make the ideal area for the reservoirs.

As you travel around you will come across small villages nestled in the hills, they are often painted white and are stunning against the backdrop of the dark mountains.

For people who own properties in these villages, it is normal to be sitting on your terrace surrounded by palm trees and looking at the mountains topped with snow...beautiful sight.

As you would expect properties for sale in land are a lot cheaper than on the coast, however you will experience the 'Real' Spain, a place where traditions have not changed in decades.

Unlike the coastal towns, English is hardly spoken as there is not a need, in fact you will often find the level of Spanish a bit suspect as they have developed their own versions in the villages. 

But, however saying this, if you want to immerse yourself in the true Spanish culture then inland is the place for you.

Apart from travelling through the countryside in a car, there are also popular alternatives. Spain is passionate about cycling and people from all over Europe come to Spain to take part in competitions.

On Fiestas and weekends you will see hundreds of cyclists out and about from road bikes to cross country enthusiasts, in fact one of our managers is a keen cyclist and has just had his holiday cycling over the Pyrenees.  

Another passion the Spanish have, is their love of horses and it is also a lovely way to explore the countryside.

The Spanish horse is a hardy breed so the mountainous terrain is not difficult for them. They love their horses in the parades and many Romerias held around the country.

Many people who have horses and come to live in Spain bring their horses over, so they to can enjoy the countryside in the area they have decided to live in.


Spain is one those unique countries where it is relatively easy to drive from the coast to countryside, to be sitting having breakfast among Palm trees then in the afternoon skiing.

It is a country steeped in history, a country to enjoy and make your home here, a place where 'Your Dream Home' can become a reality.