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3 reasons why it was Spain’s summer

Even halfway through September and Spain is still enjoying summer with people still on the beaches and sat outside the bars and restaurants and predictions would suggest that this will continue well into December.
The summer of 2105 has been a memorable year and here are three reasons as to why;

1. Hottest summer on record

Not only did Spain break its own weather records, it also broke European records with the Costa del Sol and Andalucia reaching the highest temperatures recorded and the highest average temperatures. The month of July was the hottest ever recorded in Europe.
Spain’s national weather agency confirmed that the three separate heatwaves that hit all over the country in July pushed Spain’s average temperatures for the month above previous records. July’s average temperature was 26.5 degrees Celsius which beat the previous high of 26.2 degrees set in August 2003.
The Costa del Sol recorded higher average temperatures than those recorded nationally hitting an average daily temperature of 28.2 degrees and in Seville and Cordoba registered highs of 45.2 degrees in early July.
From May until the end of August the daily temperatures reached 30 degrees and higher with good more weather expected until the end of November.

2. Tourist records broken

It is anticipated that by the end of the summer period, more than 38 million tourists would have visited Spain enjoying all that the country has to offer.
2014 saw the highest tourist figures on record but 2015 has managed to beat that hands down with an increase in tourist numbers of 4.7%. Leading the way of these tourists were the British with 9 million visiting Spain in the just the first 7 months of the year.
The strength of the pound against the euro made Spain an attractive destination for many British tourists with many tourists from all over Europe and the world being turned off visiting the problem areas of Tunisia, Greece and Egypt.

 3. Increased property sales

By the end of June, the INE (National Institute for Statistics) released data showing that property transactions had risen 19.4% compared to the same month the previous year. In total there were over 37,000 property transactions during this period.
This showed an encouraging upturn in the property market and confirmed that the Spanish property market in the Costa Del Sol had reached a stabilised period of growth.
Property prices during this time saw an increase of around 2% on a national level with the Costa del Sol leading the way. For 2015 the story of Spain and the Costa del Sol is so far so good with times just on the horizon.


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