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Spain has that essence about it that draws people from all over the world to live.  It is not always perfect and it has had its challenges, but overall it is a wonderful country to live in.

5.6 million Foreigners living in Spain currently will vouch for that.

So what makes Spain a country people are drawn to?

1. Quality of life tops the list

Spain is renowned for its healthy Mediterranean diet full of fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil, maybe this contributes to its ranking as number one expat destination when it comes to health. It also has one of the highest life expectancy in the world.

Spain ranks as the best place in Europe for expats wanting to enjoy life, and second overall, just behind New Zealand.

2. The weather

The first thing many people think of about Spain is its sunshine, which attracts millions of holidaymakers to its coasts and cities every year, making Spain the most tourist-friendly country in the world. Everyone feels happier in the sunshine, so grab a cocktail and bask under the Spanish rays.

3. Looking after your health

The Spanish healthcare system is renowned for being among the very best in the world. It is free at the point of service and the country tops the world organ donation rankings. So living in Spain means if you are ever in the unfortunate position of needing a transplant, you're much more likely to get one.

Whether down to the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fish and fresh vegetables, the excellent healthcare, the sociable society, or even the red wine, Spaniards have the highest life expectancy in Europe. Live here for a while and hopefully you’ll pick up some of their healthy habits.

4. Property

It has never been a better time to buy a property in Spain, the market is moving which means it is a great time to invest. The property market in 2018 had a very positive year with a 11% increase in the number of properties purchased and a square meter increase of 8%.

The market is strong and increasing so there has never been a better time to buy with construction back in place there are some great opportunities to  buy new properties and off plan investments.

5. Best place for mum's

A recent survey revealed that Spain is one of the best places in the world to be a mum; it is so good in fact that children never want to leave home - well, until at least the age of 30.

6. A food lovers paradise

Spain has four of its restaurant’s ranked in the top ten in Europe. Spaniards, whatever their budget, adore food and the ritual that surrounds it. You don’t have to fork out a fortune to eat like a king in Spain, where fresh produce is bountiful and the most amazing food invention (tapas!) means you can try multiple morsels in one evening. And if you like ham, there is no greater place on earth.

7. Last but not least family is important

Spain is a sociable society, one in which grandparents are virtually never carted off to an old people's home, but become the cherished head of the family, often living and socialising with their younger relations. The same goes for family members at the other end of the family tree - Spaniards love children, who are welcome in every restaurant and bar and always made a fuss of - a new mother in Spain can't walk two minutes down the street without being stopped by interested strangers who want to admire her new baby.