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Spanish summer – how to stay cool

Let’s face it the Spanish summers can be a little on the warm side and unless you have air conditioning. These modern boxes can keep a bedroom at the optimum sleep temperature (roughly 24 degrees Celsius), plus provide some nice white noise to boot. But even small...

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Schools out for summer 2019!

In Spain the children have already started their summer holidays and other countries are just starting to break up for the most important holiday of the year… where families get together and enjoy fun in the sun. Most importantly the 1st July marks the beginning of...

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The Magic of the San Juan celebrations

Spain celebrates its fiestas and traditions like no other country – and the Feast of San Juan, coinciding with the Summer Solstice or Midsummer Night, is no exception. Each region has its own traditions, but it’s a celebration that always involves elements of fire and...

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World Tapas Day – what you missed!

June 16 was World Tapas Day. So what did you miss? Well pour yourself a glass of bold vino and enter tapas territory with these bite-size Spanish snacks - from croquettes and Chorizo to saucy meatballs and fried custard. History of World Tapas Day The third Thursday...

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Spain the perfect place to be a Digital Nomad

Have to work, but need a lifestyle? In today’s modern lifestyle, more and more people are looking to balance their work and home life, and Spain is the perfect place to do that. Towards the end of 2015 Spain saw the introduction of Fiber Optic broadband and since then...

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7 Reasons to be an EXPAT in Spain

Spain has that essence about it that draws people from all over the world to live.  It is not always perfect and it has had its challenges, but overall it is a wonderful country to live in. 5.6 million Foreigners living in Spain currently will vouch for that. So what...

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You have decided to move to Spain!

You have made the decision you are relocating to Spain! Now what do you do with your children? Understanding the education system in Spain can be a daunting task, which can be made more difficult if there’s a language barrier. However, you can choose from a range of...

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10 interesting facts about Spain you may not be aware of

​​​​​Spain is a wonderful country that has much to offer the visitor. Not in vain is the third country in the world that receives more tourists, only behind France and USA. That's why today we want to tell you 10 fun facts about Spain you may not be aware of. So what...

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