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Spain is going out of its way to assure the British of a continued warm post-Brexit welcome – with or without a deal….

Spain has always welcomed the British even before Spain joined the EU, so in their minds they see the whole BREXIT process as what it is a process.

To Spain it will be business as usual.

There may be some minor changes on how Spain interacts with Britain, but they are making big efforts to assure Expats in Spain that they will continue to be welcome.

This intention became reality on 28 February last with the announcement by the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez that a Royal Degree was being passed to bring in a range of legal measures that would apply in Spain for British citizens living here in the event that Britain finally leaves the European Union without a deal.

In fact Spain is the first country in the EU to start putting measures in to place.

Driving in Spain – In the case that the Withdrawal Agreement is finally passed, UK driving licenses will remain fully effective in Spain under the same conditions that presently apply throughout the transition period.

It is important to remember that a new resident in Spain is always obliged to transfer their license to a Spanish one within six months of moving to Spain.

Throughout the last year the British Embassy in Spain has been holding a series of events all through the country to reassure Expats that Spain has their interests at heart.

We at Your Dream Home will always remain as your support whether there is a deal or no deal with BREXIT.

We work with many different parties to give you the correct information, when investing or buying in Spain.

With access to over 23,000 properties throughout the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca we can always find you Your Dream Home in the sun.