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Costa del Sol - Costa Blanca - Murcia

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So you love being in Spain, and the way of life. 

You decide to Explore the culture and surrounding areas and find yourself in an idyllic white washed village and stop for lunch. The waiter appears and speaks to you in Spanish, but you have no idea what he has just said to you. So do you try and reply, or just say “do you speak English”?

The cooler months are the best time of Year to concentrate on learning anything new. There are so many ways to learn, there are courses online, podcasts or you can even pay for a private tutor.

In addition to learning textbook language, surround yourself among Spanish speakers, leave the radio and TV on in Spanish, you will be amazed at how much you will pick up. It doesn’t have to be hard, make it fun. Learn with a friend, there are many online apps, some test your speech and spelling and it really does help you learn.

Finally get involved in your local town or village, most of them hold classes throughout the week, it’s a great way to meet local people and perfect your Spanish speaking skills…

Here is a list of a few Language Schools and tutors on Costa del sol & Costa blanca::

Costa del SolCosta Blanca
Spanish Language Center (SLC) Marbella, SpainColegio Internacional Alicante, Spanish Language School Alicante, Spain
Spanish School DELE
Fuengirola, Spain
Proyecto Español Alicante, study spanish in alicante
Alicante, Spain
Spanish Lessons. Costa del Sol.
Mijas, Spain
Costa Blanca Spanish School
Calp, Spain
MISS Languages – Marbella International Spanish School
Marbella, Spain
Proyecto Español Alicante, study spanish in alicante
Alicante, Spain
Spanish lessons in Torremolinos
Torremolinos, Spain
Viva la Lengua Spanish school (escuela de español)
Alicante, Spain