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This Year, Malaga is set to receive more than six million visitors, a rise of 11 per cent on last year. Spain’s Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has spoken of the importance of tourism for global economic growth at a conference in Malaga. Tourism is like no other industry in Malaga province; its ability to create such a large volume of business in four short months is unique. This year is no different. In fact, between June and September an estimated 5.9 billion euros are due to flow into the local economy. This is a rise of 740 million euros compared to the same period last year and a 14 per cent increase. With the number of Britons arriving on the Costa increasing by 21 per cent, Bendodo was quick to allay fears that a Brexit could reverse these trends. He said: The Costa has always been the favoured destination for the British people, even before the European Union. I am very confident that this will continue to be the case. Also 57 per cent more visitors from Poland and 41% rise in visitors from Denmark are expected. “In these markets we intend to intensify our marketing in the coming months,” said the president of Turismo Costa del Sol. he also stated “The signals we are getting couldn’t be better.” The level of German tourists has recovered after being down last year, growing this year by 11 per cent. 25 per cent more French visitors are set to arrive, with 15 per cent more from Belgium and the Netherlands. All this is very encouraging, another hot topic is to promote Year round tourism over the Costa del Sol, this would mean more businesses staying open through the winter months, which will bring more job opportunities, job security, financial stability and more flights throughout the Year. There has never been a better time to buy your dream home overseas, with job prospects increasing from Year round tourism. Wether you are moving to Spain, buying your home as a holiday let or as a holiday home for yourself, with Year round flights, job stability etc its never been a better time to buy.